British (UK) Lease an FEI horse


Everyone can afford their dream of competing FEI!

RSI has launched our RSI Lease Program.

Regardless of your goal, the UK is a perfect place to base a rider to have success on the international circuit. On the doorstep of Europe, you can access some of the biggest competitions in the world! 

Our UK based coaches are highly qualified Dressage Specialist's, capable of helping the most experienced of competitors.  By utilising the FEI pipelines of competition ( FEI Pony trough to international Grand Prix) we are able to see more riders reaching their dreams.


This also give young riders the opportunity to be on the world ranking lists, and be on the same training paths as their fellow European competitors. 


Each rider is given private lessons along with theory sessions, sport psychology, fitness, horse biomechanics, analysis and execution workshops for test riding etc.

Contact us about putting together an FEI horse lease program to help you reach your dreams!