Fast Track Coach  

Do you have current qualifications? Do you have prior riding and coaching experience? This maybe the programme for you! 

Fully accredited with insurance provided. 
Become accredited in as little as ONE week! 

What do you need to be eligible for fast track to General Rider Coach? 

Option 1- Prior learning eligibility

  • Qualification for coaching at an equivalent level through a recognised organisation (eg . EA, PCAV, other federation) .

If eligible you will be required to:

  1. Payment of course fees

  2. Proof of qualification 

  3. All test papers completed and passed

  4. Day 3 attendance is required (1 DAY)


Option 2 - Prior competition experience

  • Proof of competition scores at grade 2 pony club, grade 2 HRCAV or Preliminary EA, or other federation with scores at 60% +  

If eligible you will be required to:

  1. Payment of course fees

  2. Proof of competition scores

  3. All test papers completed and passed

  4. Day 3 and 4 attendance is required (2 DAYS)


At the completion of this course, coaches will be accredited and fully insured to teach riders below  Grade 3 Pony Club and HRCAV, along with pleasure riders of all abilities. This course is GUARANTEED to provide the eduction required to pass the assessments. Guaranteed by a FULL money back refund, or the commitment of no extra charge eduction until the student has reached the skill level to pass.   

Note the course below is available to fast track coaches to attend in it's entirety if they wish

5 Day Course - At the Riding Success Institute

Day One (class room)

  • Horse Management and care for the healthy pleasure horse 

  • Risk Management and Injury Prevention for the pleasure horse

  • Safety and protocol guidelines with amateur students

  • Assessments


Day Two (class room)

  • Gaits and foot falls​

  • Rider position and seat

  • Canter leads

  • Trot diagonals

  • Correctly fitting gear (horse and rider) 

  • Assessments

Day Three (class room)

  • Personality Profiling 

  • Learning styles and types 

  • Message delivery for effective retention 

  • Lesson formats

  • Over coming student fears

  • Goal setting  


Day Four (practical)

  • Riding practical examination 

  • Horse management practical examination

  • Risk management practical examination 

  • Safety and protocol practical examination 

  • Visual practical examination (explain verbally riders positions, trot diagonals etc) 

  • Coaching skills demonstrated 

  • Effective use of personality profiling and targeted communication  

Day Five 

  • How to run a successful coaching business (small or large)

  • Marketing; how to meet new students  

  • Retention; how to retain students through goal discovery

  • Insurance requirements and data keeping

  • Managing long term business and student relationships   

Optional Day Six

First Aid certificate (for those who do not have a current certificate) NOTE: All riders WILL need to provide RSI with a current first aid certificate to complete their course 


Start Coaching Now!

Start NOW and pay LATER

interest FREE!

The General Rider Coaching Course is only

$98 per week for 12 months


  • Insurance 

  • 5 days course content and assesments

  • Guaranteed pass 

  • Guaranteed money back, if have not made the course fees back after 18 months of completing the course 

  • First step to further coaching qualifications 

Optional First Aid course  - $140

Coaching is more than just a good riding technique. To develop from rider to coach, you must learn more about: mental coaching, training schedules, physical and mental evaluation, dressage theory, safety, goal setting, sports psychology learning styles, personality profiling and the communication skills required to help various personality's. 


During this course, we focus on ensuring our coaches are competent on how you can apply not only the knowledge of how to get achieve the students goals, but the benefits of effective delivery of the messages. Understanding the "how", understanding personality types and various learning styles, will lift the combinations to a whole new level.


We provide  a complete guide to an optimised coaching platform and pathway. A good trainer motivates riders and helps them to acquire the right skills and experience.

Fast Track General Rider Coach 

This level is for basic riding skills. How begin riding an dressage, basic aids, diagonals, canter leads,  etc.Perfect for lower level pony club and HRCAV.