RSI Road to FEI Sponsorship Packages

RSI are making dreams a reality for ALL riders!!

Now ANYONE can afford to own horses like this!


Why are we doing this?

Everyone deserves the opportunity to live the dream and ride FEI. Now we are taking it to the next step and allowing riders to OWN an FEI horse. We do not believe in lowering standards, cutting corners and experiencing sub optimum results. We want to see ALL our clients achieve the FEI dream.

Due to this ALL the horses we produce for this program are from 100% imported blood. ONLY from European Grand Prix Stallions and ONLY from proven, studbook Approved, fully imported dressage mares. Both of the highest stand in talent, quality, trainability AND temperament. Many of our mares are award winning and have had foals selling at auction for 50 000 euro plus and worth them selves in excess of 180 000 euro.


This is why we began this program. Reaching FEI is a minefield of mistakes, wasted money, wasted time and sometimes tears! We want to create a sport where ANYONE can have the horse they need. EVERYONE can have a REAL chance to get to FEI. It doesn't matter who you are, or how big your bank balance!


In 2018, we are sponsoring 10 riders with this opportunity. Our goal is to have 25 sponsored combinations in our stables at all times. Thats 25 new FEI riders to our sport!!!  



How do I get sponsored?


Step 1: Be selected for the Road to FEI Sponsorship. 

Email us at and explain to us why YOU deserve this sponsorship. We select 10 riders each year to be apart of this program. This is the first step to be sponsored!


Step 2: Come for an interview and assessment lesson 

From the email applications if we feel you fit our criteria and we have places available we will contact you for an interview and assessment lesson. We are looking for the following attributes;

1. Attitude to the sport, horses and fellow riders 
2. Drive and determination to succeed 
3. Willingness to learn 
4. Ability to share the knowledge

Step 3: Agree to our terms of sponsorship and wait for a place to be available

As we are supplying you with such an amazing sponsorship, we have very strict anti bulling policy and a commitment to a minim participation requirement   

What do Sponsored riders receive ?


  1. One lesson per week on an FEI horse

  2. One hour theory lesson per week 

  3. Full board and training for your RSI sponsored horse 

  4. Ownership of a completely imported bloodline horse

What does the sponsored rider have to commit to?


  1. Attend agreed minimum of allotted lessons 

  2. Attend agreed of allotted theory lesson 

  3. Signed sponsorship agreement   

  4. Pay the 75% reduced rate of $375 per week including the following services:​

  • One lesson per week on an FEI horse

  • One hour theory lesson per week

  •  Full board and training for your RSI sponsored horse

  •  Ownership of an completely imported bloodline horse

Total Value per week of $1500!!

How does this sponsorship work?

Our philosophy at RSI is the more we give and support our sport, the better we pave the way to achieve our own dreams! It is through like minded partners and investors, that we have over the year been building to this point. The point where we can make REAL change to peoples lives. REAL changes to our sport. Most importantly REAL changes for the EVERYDAY rider! 


The purpose of this program is to educated riders like the rick and famous. While setting them up with a top quality horse to continue with and or help finance chapters of their journeys. 


The Starter Sponsorship is a 3 year program, where we breed a horse to specially suit your style and personality. While we bring this foal up, we use a series of FEI schoolmasters over the 3 years to educated you and build your confidence to be riding all the PSG moments at the end. At this time you have completed your course, you can ride all the PSG movements and are a competent FEI level rider. We GIVE you a completely broken in ready to go 3 year professional quality young horse to continue on with.


The Competitor Sponsorship

We give ALL riders that complete the starter sponsorship, the opportunity to stay on with us. We keep the price the same for as long as you are with us! You keep the 75% of rate of $375 per week and you get

  1. One lesson per week on an FEI horse ( your on schoolmaster)

  2. One hour theory lesson or test practice per week 

  3. Full board and training for your RSI sponsored horse 

  4. You can stay on this program all the way to GP, ridden and trained by PROVEN European Grand Prix riders!

No more guessing and hoping for the best..... no more 5 years later and doing the same test better then before... no more spending $500 plus per week plus tens of thousands on a horse just to ride a novice test averagely. We want to change our sport... we will help people reach their dreams... Lets not except mediocrity, lets expect to go up a level minimum per year! We want to give back to the sport we have fought so hard to be a part of. This opportunity is for ALL!


If you have the love, drive and willingness to learn...... Apply now because we want YOU on our TEAM!


Natasha  xxx 

Cant afford your dream $100 000 plus imported FEI horse?!