Full Care Agistment

Be inspired, educated and supported every single ride by keeping your horse at The Riding Success Institute, where Grand Prix rider Natasha Althoff lives and trains her horses every day.

Have your horse looked after by professional, caring grooms, trained to care for your horse at the top level.

At the Riding Success Institute our mission is to help you achieve your riding goals. Having your horse cared for to precision is part of that puzzle piece which is so important to get results.

We don’t want you to be wasting time saddling, washing, cleaning, feeding, rugging… when you could be riding and working on your goals.

We understand the pressures and commitments of balancing work, life and horses and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to reach your riding goals.

​Full Care Agistment Includes:


  • Two feeds supplied to your horse daily – formulated for a dressage sport horse in consultation with equine nutritionists.

  • Unlimited hay

  • Your horse saddled are prepared for each ride

  • Ride in our oversized Olympic sized indoor dressage arena. With mirrors and lights.

  • Heated viewing area

  • Spacious, airy 4m x 4m stables with ample fresh sawdust cleaned by grooms daily.

  • Paddock turnout daily – two private paddocks, harrowed and rotated to ensure maximum pasture growth and fresh green grass for your horse.

  • Night check by our trained dressage grooms – we keep the lights on until later in the evening in the colder months to ensure your horses coat stays nice and short and sleek!

  • Rugs changed throughout the day to suit weather conditions.

  • We will organise and be there for all of your appointments – never rush home from work for the farrier, dentist, physio again!

  • Rugs, saddle blankets, bandages etc washed.

  • Your horse will be groomed and checked daily by our trained dressage grooms.

  • Out door arena 

  • Acres of hacking available

  • Float Parking

  • Hot wash ways

  • Cross ties

  • Kitchen facilities

  • Bathroom facilities including showers